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Title: Humanity
Author: [ profile] mistalagan
Beta: [ profile] whit_merule
Rating: R
Characters and/or Pairing: Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Bobby (pre-Sam/Gabriel if you're looking for it)
Spoilers: Through 7x04
Warnings: Allusions to prior rape, associated trauma symptoms, some body horror, some language.
Word Count: 17,200
Summary/Notes: Written for the 2012 Gabriel Big Bang.

Set after 7x04 (the Osiris episode), and sequel to Oubliette (please read warnings), though you should be able to read this without that.

They found Gabriel on a tip from Meg, of all people—beaten and abused, a shadow of what he used to be. It’s not easy taking care of a (temporarily, Sam’s sure—permanently, Gabriel thinks) powerless archangel, especially when dealing with issues of their own. And it would be a bad idea to forget about the Leviathans…

Betaed by the amazing [ profile] whit_merule! If for some reason you haven’t come across her story yet, check it out here; it’s long, but definitely worth every word.

Art by [ profile] mangacrack, who has put up with my mounds of miscommunication issues and produced the gorgeous work you see right here. Be sure to head over and comment on the art at her journal!

He's sprawled all along the seat, lightly, as if he'd fly away at any moment. )
Part Two
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Title: Four's Company
Author: [ profile] mistalagan
Recipient: [ profile] beatlemaniac9
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, TFL foursome
Spoilers: Through 5x22, to be on the safe side. AU past 5x19.
Warnings: Polyamory, cracky.
Word Count: 2285
Notes/Prompts: Written for the Team Free Love Secret Lover's Exchange; go check out my gift by [ profile] sofiwick!
Sam/Dean/Cas/Gabriel; They are in a four person relationship. Bobby (and/or John) find out/are told, and struggle to wrap their heads around it.
Summary: Bobby walks in on Dean and Gabriel. It goes downhill from there.

It’s hard to miss the odd – pitying – looks Bobby keeps giving him. )


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