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I threw this together to help me with the fic I'm writing, and thought it might be nice to post. A picspam of Rufus' cabin, as seen in episodes 7x03 and 7x06; all caps taken from homeofthenutty.com except the first, which I took. Maps taken from Googlemaps, and the picture of downtown Whitefish taken from townesacrossamerica2010.blogspot.com.

First of all, context - where is Whitefish, Montana, anyway?

Here! Right up near Canada.

They've got an airport and everything. And a golf club.

The downtown.

As for the cabin itself, we get two outside views of it:

Not a bad looking cabin, actually!
The first good view of the layout arrives with Sheriff Jodie Mills:

On one side, countertops, stovetop, refrigerator, table - on the other the couch and TV. There's a light switch right inside the door, which opens directly out onto where the cars are parked.
Taking a tour around the room, we start with that front door;

and swing around

to get a view of that table and fridge.

All the way on the other side,

There's some bunk beds, which we see more clearly here:

as well as the edge of a fireplace, in front of which Bobby kisses Jodie. Note also the doorway, which Bobby came through from the basement.

A small bit of the other side of that alcove, as well as the edge of a stove

which is also behind Sam in this picture. Above it is a fish, and beside it is a door - I'm pretty sure this leads into another room, but I can't find the cap right now. Also, Sam bought bread and cabbage, so they're not just eating takeout and beer.

Here's a couple of Dean, couch, and TV:

which completes our tour of the upstairs.

For a quick jaunt into the basement, we'll start with the view upon entering: one amused Leviathan.

Also a wheelbarrow and slightly-broken hutch.
View of the stairs:

Wider view of the whole room:

And one wall.

So, dunno if the cabin will show up again, but that was it in all its glory. Such as it has.
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